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Translated from Anishinaabemowin, Biinaagami means pure, clean water. Biinaagami is a multimedia, change-provoking initiative rooted in Indigenous knowledges. Through ceremony, mapping, inclusive storytelling, augmented reality, experiential learning, community water hubs and ecosystem restoration, Biinaagami aims to rebuild just and healthy relations between wildlife, people and place in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence watershed.

Biinaagami is a call to action. Biinaagami affirms our shared responsibility to this tapestry of land and waters that many call home.

600 Bay St. Unit 303, Toronto, ON M5G 1M6

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Citizens for Marshland Conservation

The Citizens for Marshland Conservation Inc., formerly the Cooper Marsh Conservators, works with other organizations, local governments and owners of marshlands to protect marshland. By maintaining, protecting, conserving, and supporting stressed or threatened marshland including its flora and fauna, we volunteer for the benefit of the public. We support making a marshland visit a pleasant outdoor recreation adventure in which the public at large can appreciate and learn from the diversity and abundance of flora and fauna therein. 

P.O. Box 602, Lancaster, Ontario, K0C1N0

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Frontenac Arch Biosphere Network

Frontenac Arch Biosphere Network (FABN)

The Frontenac Arch is one of 19 Biosphere Regions in Canada and encompasses 2700 sq. km along the north shore of the St. Lawrence River, overlapping with Algonquin and Kanien’kehá:ka territories, including the communities of Gananoque, Brockville, Sydenham, Westport, Rideau Lakes and everywhere in between. Nominated by the local community in 2002, UNESCO designated the area for its global significance at the centre of a key migration corridor where plants and animals cross the St. Lawrence River on a narrow ridge of Precambrian granite. FABN is the organization responsible for maintaining this designation. Our small, dedicated team works with a network of local organizations and communities to promote education, sustainable development and conservation.

19 Reynolds Rd., Lansdowne ON, K0E 1L0

(613) 659-4824

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Global Underwater Explorers / We Go Down Technical Exploration Survey Team

Global Underwater Explorers is a non-profit organization dedicated to Education, Conservation and Exploration of the aquatic realm. We Go Down is an Ottawa and Brockville based dive service store that supports GUE and the community. We Go Down supplies logistics for WGD TEST, a team of highly skilled GUE divers that accomplish exploration and science projects in the St Lawrence River, Great Lakes, and around the world. WGD TEST is looking to help develop research and conservation initiatives of our natural water resources.

5370 Canotek Rd. Unit 42 Ottawa, ON, Canada K1J 9E7

(613) 746-7866

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Lean Environmental

My environmental consulting company Lean Environmental has advised governments at all levels, lake associations, First Nation Groups, NGOS, and has participated as an expert witness in court cases. Our expertise is focused on the role of nutrients on ecosystem structure, heavy metal contamination, minimizing impacts of hydroelectric production and ecotoxicology (organic pollutants, mercury and arsenic). My first degree was in chemical engineering but after 5 years working with large companies I was concerned about fate of chemicals due to human activities. I then did a PhD in Biology on phosphorus kinetics and impacts in lake water. I was then section head (of 22 other scientists and support personnel) at the National Water Research Institute in Burlington Ontario. My team worked on nutrient and contaminant impacts in the Great Lakes. I also served as science advisor to the International Joint Commission. In 1996 I was awarded the prestigious National Science and Engineering Industrial Chair. This required that Industry pick up half the cost. My support came from Cornwall from Universal Terminals, Domtar, and Dupont. The theme of the work was to develop an overview on the health of the river. This was accomplished by developing collaboration with the St Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences. The first person hired was Dr. Jeff Ridal who continues to provide leadership to the River Institute to the present time. I also serve as a science advisor to the United Nations Environment Program called the Minamata Project which requires countries to reduce mercury emissions. In addition, I am visiting scientist helping Universidad National develop their Ecotoxicology Program in Costa Rica.

Dr. David Lean

P.O. Box 309, Apsley, Ontario K0L1A0

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Maitland Tower

Saving a historic and natural gem on the St. Lawrence, and ourselves. Today, Nature and our cultural heritage are under intense pressure and disappearing, and so is our health and happiness. When old buildings and natural spaces are bulldozed, we lose part of who we are.  At our site in the Village of Maitland, we believe that we can save all three by experiencing them together.  Restore, preserve, connect, heal…Regenerate.

We need partners to co-create a place full of connections to our history and our nature and biodiversity from entrepreneurs to artists, artisans and wildlife, river researchers to surfers, foodies to yogis, the River of course, adaptive sports, a café and nature therapy, nature-based technologies, weddings, healthy water, birding and business retreats, and immersive education that touches all of it. The possibilities are endless for groups, organizations, companies and social enterprise. Bumping into people outside your circles, still connected to nature but differently, opens the door to new thinking, new relationships, new activities, new energy, new solutions, our redemption song. Reach out !

1243 County Road 2, PO Box 556, Maitland ON K0E 1P0


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Mohawk Council of Akwesasne Environment Program  

In the tradition of the Ohen:ton Karihwateh:kwen (The Words That Come Before All Else), the Environment Program strives to better understand, protect, maintain, and enhance the natural environment of Akwesasne. We acknowledge the contributions of all elements of creation and strive to ensure that projects within our community adhere to safe environmental practices while keeping aware of current environmental and health issues. We are also committed to sharing knowledge of our Environment through Education and Connection to Community.

CIA III 101 Tewesateni Rd., Kawehno:ke , Akwesasne, ON K6H 5R7

(613) 936-1548  

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Ottawa River Keeper  

Ottawa Riverkeeper, a charitable organization, is a champion and collective voice for the Ottawa River watershed, providing leadership and inspiration to protect, promote and improve its ecological health and future.

We are a citizen-based action group that brings diverse people together to better understand and advocate for the ecological health of the Ottawa River and its tributaries. This includes the acknowledgement of the rights of the Algonquin Anishinabeg Nations within the watershed and a commitment to working together to build good relationships and shared understandings on water protection.

Expert and independent, our organization advocates for responsible and participatory decision-making, public education, access to information, and compliance with protective regulations. Guided by a science-based approach, we provide clear information with the aim to engage the public and empower citizens and decision-makers to ensure clean, healthy, and accessible water for all people and species.

Ottawa Riverkeeper is a licensed member of Waterkeeper Alliance, an international grassroots advocacy organization. Waterkeeper Alliance is the largest organization devoted exclusively to clean water, protecting 2.7 million miles of waterways with more than 300 Waterkeepers in 47 countries.


Garde-rivière des Outaouais, organisme de bienfaisance, joue le rôle de défenseur et de porte-parole du bassin versant de la rivière des Outaouais et met son leadership au service de la protection, de la promotion et de l’amélioration de sa santé et de son avenir écologique.

Nous sommes un groupe d’action communautaire qui rassemble des gens de divers horizons dans le but de mieux comprendre et défendre la santé écologique de la rivière des Outaouais et de ses affluents. Cet objectif passe notamment par la reconnaissance des droits des nations algonquines anichinabées du bassin versant et par notre engagement à entretenir de bonnes relations et à favoriser le partage des connaissances sur la protection de l’eau.

Experte et indépendante, notre organisation prône la prise de décision responsable et participative, la sensibilisation du public, l’accès à l’information et le respect des mesures de conservation en place. Guidés par une approche fondée sur la science, nous fournissons de l’information claire dans le but de mobiliser le public et d’outiller les citoyens et les décideurs pour assurer des cours d’eau propres, sains et accessibles pour toute la population et toutes les espèces.

Garde-rivière des Outaouais est membre autorisé de Waterkeeper Alliance, une instance internationale à vocation communautaire. Waterkeeper Alliance est la plus grande organisation qui se consacre exclusivement à la salubrité de l’eau. Elle protège 2,7 millions de kilomètres de cours d’eau avec plus de 300 Waterkeepers dans 47 pays.

501 promenade Sir George-Étienne Cartier Parkway,
Suite 300, Ottawa, ON, K1M 2K7

(613) 321-1120  

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Raisin Region Conservation Authority 

Since 1963, the Raisin Region Conservation Authority (RRCA) has worked with the community for a better environment and healthy future. Like all of Ontario’s 36 Conservation Authorities, RRCA has a watershed-based jurisdiction. This internationally recognized approach to conservation means RRCA works with nature’s own systems to provide environmental services to its municipalities. Led by a municipally appointed board of directors, RRCA protects against natural hazards like flooding and erosion, protects drinking water sources from contamination and overuse, conserves natural resources and environmentally significant lands, offers eco-tourism and recreation opportunities, and provides land stewardship incentives and environmental outreach for healthy watersheds. 

P.O. Box 429 | 18045 County Road 2, Cornwall, ON K6H 5T2 

(613) 938-3611

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River Institute

River Institute is a non‐government organization established in 1994 as a unique community partnership among governments, educators, business and industry, and the Mohawks of Akwesasne. With the St. Lawrence River as our natural laboratory, we have earned an international reputation for research excellence. Our scientific work contributes locally, nationally and internationally to the greater understanding of how large river ecosystems and their components function. As a learning and discovery centre, we actively promote the value of scientific inquiry. Our education programs introduce thousands of students to the benefits of science and provide powerful role models for young people considering careers in science. 

2 St. Lawrence Dr, Cornwall, ON K6H 4Z1

(613) 936-6620

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South Nation Conservation Authority  

South Nation Conservation has a strong history in watershed management and leadership in applying sustainability practices. As an agency established under the Conservation Authorities Act of Ontario in 1947, SNC has decades of practical experience in protecting our environment and engaging communities. Today, it manages 4,480 km2 of land in Eastern Ontario; employs more than 40 staff; and has lead hundreds of stewardship projects to success. 

As a leader in conservation in Eastern Ontario, SNC offers knowledge and experience to help our partners, including 16 watershed municipalities, to contribute to a healthy region. This includes: ecology and the study of water quality, natural habitats, plants, and animals to help us identify environmental needs, set targets, and restore natural areas; sustainable community development to advise partners about land use, development proposals and construction; and environmental education to help community members appreciate their local environment. 

38 Victoria Street. P.O. Box 29 Finch, Ontario K0C 1K0

 613-984-2948 | Toll free: 1-877-984-2948

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The Glengarry Trappers Council

The Glengarry Trappers Council (GTC) is a non-profit association of provincially licensed trappers complying to international humane trapping (IHT) standards in Eastern Ontario. It was established in January 1, 1979. The Glengarry Trappers Council is Zone 6A of the Ontario Fur Managers Federation (OFMF). The GTC meets monthly to discuss new techniques, legislation, fur prices, training, wildlife concerns and other issues.

20910 County Road 21 R.R. # 1 Alexandria, ON K0C 1A0

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Thousand Islands National Park

Thousand Islands National Park is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of the natural beauty and biodiversity of the Thousand Islands region in Ontario, Canada. The National Park offers visitors opportunities for recreation, education, and exploration amidst stunning landscapes and diverse wildlife. With a commitment to environmental stewardship, Parks Canada engages in research initiatives and community outreach programs to promote conservation efforts and raise awareness about the importance of protecting our natural heritage.

2 County Road 5, Mallorytown, ON, K0E 1R0


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